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Re: Proposal: get rid of ly:export

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Proposal: get rid of ly:export
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 17:42:50 +0100
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Ian Hulin <address@hidden> writes:

> The main thing you'll need to look at for possible side-effects is the
> coding of the tagline in scm/, as this is potentially
> used by default in any LilyPond compilation.  Here's the stuff from
> scm/
> tagline = \markup {
>   \with-url
>   #"";
>   \line {
>     %% 2014 = em dash.
>     #(ly:export
>       (format #f "Music engraving by LilyPond"
>        (lilypond-version)
>        (ly:wide-char->utf-8 #x2014)
>        ))
>   }
> }
> If as part of this patch you can re-code so we don't have to use this
> nonsense, so much the better, it's a major PITA for Guile V2 migration
> as it crashes Guile in phase 2 of LilyPond initialization and I can't
> yet see why.

Likely because of a half-working format override.  You could try using
string-append instead of format here and see how you fare.

Anyway, the replacement done by convert-ly would be just

     $(format #f "Music engraving by LilyPond"
        (ly:wide-char->utf-8 #x2014)

So I have my doubts that the situation would change either way, as the
code paths would remain similar.

David Kastrup

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