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Re: Doc: NR Added new node for Custom Footnotes (issue 5315053)

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Doc: NR Added new node for Custom Footnotes (issue 5315053)
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 09:12:39 +0100
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:

>     I guess because we are not indicating a grob i.e.
>     c-\autoFootnote #'(1 . -1.25)
>     vs
>     \autoFootnote #'NoteHead #'(1 . -1.25)
>     c4
>     Which does the same thing.
>     Mike any comment on this?
> Yup - exactly.  The postfix operator only ever works in chords and
> will apply to NoteHeads.
> { <a^\espressivo-\autoFootnote #'(1 . 1) "a" > }
>     It seems to infer, now that Graham has phrased it like this, that
>     note
>     head grobs in this case are 'assumed' and not needed to be
>     specified
>     like a slur or beam grob etc.
> It'd be nice if this were more robust so that it could apply to other
> things like scripts, but for now, it only works with notes.  This
> could be a known issue if you'd like.

It is not clear to me whether this "known issue" is due to limitations
of music functions.  Would a changed behavior of music functions help?
I still have to tackle music functions inside of chords in order to make
the music function set reasonably orthogonal, so if you have suggestions
in that area...

David Kastrup

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