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Re: Keep yaffut from attempting to demangle. (issue 5375051)

From: jan . nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Keep yaffut from attempting to demangle. (issue 5375051)
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 06:48:28 +0000

On 2011/11/10 20:07:34, J_lowe wrote:
Passes make and no reg test diffs

+// Modified to omit demangling, filter through c++filt -t instead

Please, do not add changelogs to source files; we have Git for that.
Also, what I miss in this description is *why* you made the change,
I can see that you removed demangling, and you list an alternative:
c++filt -t.

Why do you prefer using c++filt over demangling?

Remember that yaffut is a cross platform test suite, are things
like c++filt available for MSVC, for example?

but alas, the stepmake stuff is so totally inscrutable that I
have no idea how one would make the test target do that.

You don't have to be able to do everything yourself, but if
this patch is going in, the corresponding make commands should
be part of it.

+  return typeid(T).name ();

There is a space missing before the first parenthesis.


 template <typename T>
 std::string demangle ()
+  return typeid(T).name ();

is the resulting code.  Why is this function called demangle,
there is no demangling going on, is there?

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