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Nonfastforwarding push to staging

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Nonfastforwarding push to staging
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 16:38:00 +0100
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currently our repository has a global setting disallowing
nonfastforwarding pushes to any branch (even if it were allowed on the
repository, one would need a special push command anyway).

This defeats the point of staging, however.  I need to delete and
recreate staging all the time as a consequence.  My personal take on
this would be that it makes sense to make a finer-grained policy.  I
suggest the following:

All branches under dev/ are freely rewritable and deletable for

All other branches are only fast-forwardable and not deletable, with the
exception of staging which is at least rewritable.  We also stop any new
branches from being created anywhere but under dev.

This will pretty much the phenomenon of random branches popping up by
mistake.  It is also somewhat silly that branches can't be rewritten but

I would offer to create a shell script to be installed as
.git/hooks/update in our repository that would put that policy into
effect.  I would test it out before offering that.

Once that script is active, one needs to disable the global setting
disallowing nonfastforwarding pushes on the whole repository.

Does anybody even have access to the repo, or can one ask the Savannah
maintainers to install such a policing script?

It would likely also be possible to limit pushing to master to some
developers, but I don't really like the statement this would make.

David Kastrup

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