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Re: google summer of code

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: google summer of code
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 14:32:31 +0100

W dniu 11 lutego 2012 13:33 użytkownik Graham Percival
<address@hidden> napisał:
> Time+effort required to write a proposal.  Would you be happy
> delaying the 2.16 for, say, a month, while we spend effort writing
> that proposal (which may or may not be accepted) ?  When all's
> said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if it worked out to that
> much effort.

I'll gladly spend some time on preparing the proposal.

> The mentor is expected to spend some amount of time with the
> student.  Maybe it's one hour per week; maybe it's an hour each
> working day.  I'm not certain -- check their FAQ.

They suggest it turns out to be more like 5 hrs/week, although i think
it's about the case when the student is completely new to the project.
We can set prerequisites like C++, git and music (notation) knowledge,
so that we won't have to mentor people about this (takes a lot of
Also, we have a nice CG, it's possible that it'll cut mentoring time

W dniu 11 lutego 2012 14:00 użytkownik Graham Percival
<address@hidden> napisał:
> On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 01:43:06PM +0100, David Kastrup wrote:
>> It would be rather pointless to recruit people not already
>> familiar with LilyPond development.
> But that's the whole point of GSoC.

In the FAQ Google explicitly says that people familiar with the
project can participate.


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