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Re: some comments and complaints on the code (issue 5651069)

From: k-ohara5a5a
Subject: Re: some comments and complaints on the code (issue 5651069)
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 01:29:14 +0000
File lily/ (right):
lily/ */
Protect the comment formatting with a column of '*'s
Otherwise, someone might let emacs re-align the comment, as happened at
line 543.
lily/ s[LEFT]--;  // why LEFT and RIGHT instead of
UP and DOWN?
These lines first appeared in version 1.1.49, thirteen years ago.  If
you do not get answers to your questions during this review, you will
probably have to find the answers yourself.
You can use `git blame` to find the original form of this comment
lily/ for_UP_and_DOWN (d)
Now we have both for_UP_and_DOWN and the while(flip()) idioms in
LilyPond, so every time I forget what the difference is, I have to
search for the definition, open a different file, and study an even more
complicated loop construction.

If you think that for_UP_or_DOWN was self-documenting, then better to :
 do  // for d = UP, then DOWN

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