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Re: guile1 doesn't work

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: guile1 doesn't work
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 07:57:53 +0100 (CET)

>>   scripts/build/out/help2man \
>>     out/lilypond-invoke-editor > out/lilypond-invoke-editor.1
>>   Can't exec "out/lilypond-invoke-editor":
>>     No such file or directory at scripts/build/out/help2man line 193.
>>   help2man: can't get `--help' info from out/lilypond-invoke-editor
>>   make[1]: *** [out/lilypond-invoke-editor.1] Error 2
>>   make[1]: Leaving directory `scripts'
>> Reason is that guile1 is somehow accepted by the configure script,
> What does "somehow" mean?

It finishes properly without aborting:

  configure:7453: checking for guile-config
  configure:7456: result: guile-config
  configure:7459: WARNING: cannot execute guile-config
  configure:7461: checking if we are cross compiling
  configure:7456: result: guile1-config
  configure:7514: checking guile1-config version
  configure:7577: result: 1.8.8   
  configure:9636: checking for guile
  configure:9666: result: no
  configure:9636: checking for guile1
  configure:9652: found /usr/bin/guile1
  configure:9663: result: guile1
  configure:9704: checking for guile
  configure:9737: result: no

The last two lines apparently overwrite the GUILE variable again.


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