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Re: Fix for several musicxml2ly bugs. (issue 5697059)

From: ptrcklschmdt
Subject: Re: Fix for several musicxml2ly bugs. (issue 5697059)
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 17:23:23 +0000

On 2012/02/29 22:33:45, Julien Rioux wrote:
This patch is not associated with any issue in the bug tracker. It
will not get
a proper review until it is added there, and the automatic testing
shows that it
does not cause any unexpected problems. Should it be added to issue
1983, or is
it sufficiently different that we should open a new issue for it?

Well it would certainly be easier for me if we opened a new issue for
this patch as it contains fixes for several bugs I reported lately.  For
some of them no issues were opened. Here are the bugs / reports at

I also added 2 lines to Usage as the new command line options -m and
--midi hadn't been added yet.

Beyond that I have a partial fix for
( Should I make
a new patch or can I add the code here?

There are a lot of formatting changes to that are
unnecessary and
make it difficult to see the meaningful changes in your patch. You
introduce whitespace errors. So please revert the changes to except
File scripts/ (right):
scripts/ # Store command-line options in a global
variable, so
we can access them everywhere
...this typo...
OK.  Will do.  But I'll leave out the former lines 477 and 478 as this
_is_ a meaningful change.

Thanks for your help!

BTW: I should mention that the bugs in this patch were fixed by René
scripts/ return None
...and this thinko.
scripts/ p.version = ('''%prog (LilyPond)
Especially, don't change this.

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