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Re: volunteer for patchy new-patches

From: mike
Subject: Re: volunteer for patchy new-patches
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 21:03:33 +0100

I'm working with the University of Paris VIII to get a computer consecrated to 
the cause.  Once that happens, we'll have a new patchy platform.  It's also 
good to have that sorta institutional alliance when it comes to applying to 
stuff like GSoC.


On Mar 16, 2012, at 8:41 PM, Graham Percival wrote:

> I think it's high time for somebody else to run the new-patches
> test.  For this task, David is ridiculously overqualified, but his
> laptop is pretty underqualified.  That combination makes him
> almost the worst person to run this task.
> I'm hoping that this won't end up with James doing it; IMO even
> James is overqualified to be running patchy new-patches.  But
> maybe that would be ok for a week or two, in order to catch some
> more "gotchas" in the script and docs, then pass it on to another
> person.  Maybe one of the bug squad members?
> NB: this is *not* a review, nor does it require any knowledge of
> lilypond programming at all.  You run a script, if it finishes
> then you look at some pictures and then say "nope, no change to
> the pictures".  Once you have the script set up -- which is easier
> than the patchy staging-merge, BTW -- it's easier than being a bug
> squad member!
> On a more general note, I've love it if we could start foisting
> off some more development/maintenace tasks onto the current bug
> squad members, and start recruiting some new bug squad members to
> replace the existing ones.
> - Graham
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