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How to run GUB

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: How to run GUB
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 12:15:20 -0000

These instructions worked for me. I'd be happy for someone else to try this out, and then I think it could be updated and added to the CG.

# Create a VM with well over the minimum default file storage
# - in my experience, the VM with 8 gigs runs out of disk and can't
#   be increased.  YMMV.

# A general rule: do not interrupt a build.  It seems to use file locks
#  as a way of controlling multi-cpu builds, and it can get confused
#  if interrupted.  I've had to start from scratch in this case. :-(

# Throughout the instructions I use -jx. I'm not certain this is needed, but
#  if it does make it run faster, good.  x=your CPUs + 1

git clone git://
cd gub
make -jx bootstrap

# At this point it fails since the perl archive never properly downloads for some reason.
# Go to and save it to
# /home/gub/gub/downloads/perl/

make -jx bootstrap

# Gub complains about a lock error but continues.

make -jx # This takes a loooong time...
make -jx lilypond

# The build may fail because it wants a tarball of the regtests.
# Create this as follows: (there may be an easier way...)

cd ..
git clone git://
cd lilypond
mkdir build
sh --noconfigure
cd build
make -jx CPU_COUNT=x
make -jx CPU_COUNT=x test
cd ~
tar -cjf lilypond-test-output.tar.bz2 lilypond/build/input/regression/out-test/
# copy tarball to directory named #

# Tell the build that you've done this:

touch regtests/ignore

# Restart the build

make -jx lilypond

Phil Holmes

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