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Re: Corrected style of comments (issue 5862052)

From: graham
Subject: Re: Corrected style of comments (issue 5862052)
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 14:55:38 +0000

I really like seeing work on comments.  Have you experimented with
doxygen?  If you're going to be correcting comments, it might be good to
"go the full distance" and make sure that the new comments produce good
doxygen docs.  Long-term (say, 3-4 months) we could even wrap doxygen
into the build system and add that info to the internals reference; this
could be a great help to new programmers.
File lily/ (right):
lily/ //TODO: add comment to this class
I'm not certain this line adds anything.  Also, isn't it a struct, not a

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