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Re: Automatic beaming in melismas

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: Automatic beaming in melismas
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 20:28:13 +0100
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Le 22/03/2012 20:20, Jean-Charles Malahieude disait :
Le 22/03/2012 20:08, David Kastrup disait :
Jean-Charles Malahieude<address@hidden> writes:

The main problem in this case, in my opinion, is that you can't even
build a shortcut for combining melisma and autobeaming, since beaming
is *prefix* and melisma *postfix*.

Beaming is prefix?

just tried :

mbY = { \autoBeamOn \melisma } % melisma & beaming = Yes
mbN = { \melismaEnd \autoBeamOff } % melisma & beaming = No

\score {
\new Staff <<
\set Staff.autoBeaming = ##f
\new Voice = "melody" \relative c' {
\time 3/4
f4 g8 \mbY f e f\mbN
\autoBeamOn e8( d \autoBeamOff e2)
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "melody" {
One -- two -- three __ }

oops! too fast
I mean in fact that it would be more useful to have \melisma behave like \autoBeamOn: "there will now will happen a melisma"


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