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Change all occurences of "echo -n" to "printf" for portability (issue 59

From: dak
Subject: Change all occurences of "echo -n" to "printf" for portability (issue 5903046)
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 06:00:52 +0000
File scripts/build/ (right):
scripts/build/ printf "$name: Writing index:
This is dangerous since $name could contain print control characters.
So one should rather write
printf "%s: Writing index: %s..." "$name" "$index_file..."
I'd prefer "%s" "$AUTOGEN_INPUT_CHECKSUM" here too in order to avoid
teaching sloppy use of printf, but it can't actually do harm here since
md5sum does not produce backslashes or percent characters.
File (right): printf $CONFIGURE_CHECKSUM >
See last comment.
File stepmake/bin/ (right):
stepmake/bin/ printf "Checking version..."
Good enough: literal string without control or format characters is

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