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Re: LSR is now on 2.14

From: James
Subject: Re: LSR is now on 2.14
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 06:57:37 +0100


On 30 March 2012 02:24, Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Well, currently I can't self-compile LilyPond or prepare a formal
>> patch or sth else in this direction.
>> Seems I have to learn a lot. ;)
> Yep.  To warn you: at the moment the "quick start" section of the
> CG is broken; following its instructions will give you neither a
> quick nor painless start.
> Your options are:
> 1) go through the painful process of figuring out which parts are
> still valid and which are not.  Without a mentor, this will be
> especially painful.
> 2) wait for lilydev to be updated (ETA: 6 weeks) and somebody to
> fix up at least the short "quick start" section (ETA: 1 month
> after lilydev is updated).
> 3) ask/wait for somebody else to handle the LSR import.
> Unfortunately there is no magic wand that will let us offer you an
> option other than those three.  (unless I've forgotten about
> something, which is possible given my mental state these days.
> James: I have not forgotten about your recent work on lilydev, but
> I stand behind my pessimistic estimate)

I've updated LilyDev and been working with it this week testing the
basics - it makes the code and the doc. I've given Mike a copy of the
iso (as he was the only one I knew who used LilyDev in anger) and I
FTP'd the iso to Phil's website last night. As far as I know, this is
good to go.

Thomas the ISO is a 32 bit, 10.04 version of Ubuntu that can be
installed directly on hardware or, as I do, used in a Virtual Machine
on any x86 based hardware (i.e. Virtual Box for Windows/Mac/Linux).
I've compiled the binary using as little as 750mb of RAM with a single
CPU - you'll need about 10GB of disk space (give or take), but if you
ever wanted to make the whole doc you'd need more and 1 CPU with small
amounts of RAM would take a while to compile all the doc. For LSR you
don't need this, obviously.

It doesn't do GUB, but it has everything else asked for on the tracker.

I can take a look at the quick start over the weekend, but after the
iso is downloaded (and I am no programmer) I can be installed with
Virtual Box and have a compiled binary - of the latest dev version -
in less than an hour (assuming you have a relatively fast internet to
download the code) of which 80% of that is letting the computer just


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