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Doc: CG - Update of Quick Start section (issue 6031053)

From: graham
Subject: Doc: CG - Update of Quick Start section (issue 6031053)
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 16:04:44 +0000

LGTM; a few minor nitpicks.
File Documentation/contributor/quick-start.itexi (left):
Documentation/contributor/quick-start.itexi:17: @advanced{experienced
developers may prefer to use their own
I'd rather keep this paragraph, and possibly even the one above it.
Some people won't notice it, I think it's worth keeping it in case they
File Documentation/contributor/quick-start.itexi (right):
Documentation/contributor/quick-start.itexi:254: @node Lily-git
Isn't the name of the program "lily-git", with no capitals?
Documentation/contributor/quick-start.itexi:258: @q{Lily-git}) is a
simple-to-use, GUI to help you download and update
I'd rather stick with @command{lily-git.tcl} here.  Also, no comma after

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