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git fetch with Lily-git.tcl

From: James
Subject: git fetch with Lily-git.tcl
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 21:01:15 +0100


I was struggling a bit this morning getting my lilydev env to work
with patchy, once I had deleted my $LILYPOND_GIT (because git was
reporting read errors on a hash).

After a bit of head scratching and then realising I hadn't set up the
ssh part, I still was struggling to get patchy to even start.

It kept complaining abuot the old

'shallow repository' :)

gitk and git index only showed the last two commits in both staging
and master (which happened to be identical).

I kept a few mails that David sent a few months back and he suggested

git fetch --depth=1000000

Which seemed to do the trick, gitk showed everything and patchy worked
again - huzzah!

Now I looked at Lily-git and found the lines where the 'update' button
doubles as 'get source' and it has the following


        git remote add -t $originHead \
            origin git://
        git fetch
        git reset --hard origin/$originHead



I wondered if we should inspite (or because of?) Lily-git being aimed
beginner devs that adding the extra --depth command? or would that be

It seems Patchy needs it (or did in my case) if you jump right in and
follow the CG and then try to get patchy running.


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