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30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)

From: mtsolo
Subject: 30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 13:51:54 +0000

Reviewers: ,

Hey all,

My ensemble is launching a Kickstarter project in a day or two to
support our tour in France and Ireland.

We have a sweet plug in the project video for GNU LilyPond and I was
wondering if I could strike up a partnership with LilyPond to put a link
to the project on the LilyPond front page for the duration of the
Kickstarter fundraising drive (30 days).  In return, I'd be glad to fix
a couple bounty items (my lack of development time in recent months has
come from the fact that I've been spending all my time on composing and

This patch is more or less what I'd need.  I can change the layout based
on whatever people think is best.  Currently, the spot for the ensemble
is towards the top of the page and the downloads are horizontally
aligned with the news.

This partnership would be a huge boost for my ensemble and I don't think
it'd divert any € that'd otherwise be going to LilyPond.  I'll certainly
do my best to make sure that the tour promotes the software.


30 day webathon for kickstarter support

Please review this at

Affected files:
  M Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css
  M Documentation/web.texi

Index: Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css
diff --git a/Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css b/Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css index e5bf19280dd47d3533d0566051b95ebfe9b11206..806efe58687ea948f857680badce0be58e2760bb 100644
--- a/Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css
+++ b/Documentation/css/lilypond-website.css
@@ -473,7 +473,16 @@ {

 div#latestVersion {
   position: absolute;
-  top: 12.4em;
+  top: 16em;
+  right: 0;
+  width: 12em;
+  text-align: center;
+  border-left: 1px solid #5b7f64;
+div#ensembleCinq {
+  position: absolute;
+  top: 0.0em;
   right: 0;
   width: 12em;
   text-align: center;
@@ -488,6 +497,14 @@ div#latestVersion {
   margin: 0;

+#ensembleCinq .subheading {
+  background: #5b7f64;
+  color: #fff;
+  text-align: center;
+  padding: 0 0.5em;
+  margin: 0;
 /* this might not work in certain browsers */
 a[name="Stable"] + h4 {
   background: #bdee9d url(../pictures/color1-bg.png) repeat-x top left;
Index: Documentation/web.texi
diff --git a/Documentation/web.texi b/Documentation/web.texi
index b0e2b8311ad0794e729b2f3bda1a64956140364b..daa73b88d68267176ed5e59db9c2f08271f2ca02 100644
--- a/Documentation/web.texi
+++ b/Documentation/web.texi
@@ -150,6 +150,18 @@ Read more in our @ref{Introduction}!
 @end ifclear
 @ifset web_version
   @c make the box:
address@hidden Ensemble 101
+The Ensemble 101 is going on a European tour where they'll sing
+music typeset using LilyPond.  Click @uref{, here}
+to learn more and to help them out on Kickstarter!
address@hidden ifset
address@hidden web_version
+  @c make the box:
 @subheading Quick links

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