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Re: Regarding LSR translation work

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Regarding LSR translation work
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 00:04:57 +0200
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Il 21/04/2012 13:09, Graham Percival ha scritto:
>  > From a very basic-no-progamming skill perspective, why can't we just
>  have an extra texidoc entry in the snippet itself and add the
>  translation manually, like we would for any updated snippet?
Because then it would be overwritten whenever we do a LSR import.

>  In fact, why do we even need a texidoc string*inside*  the snippet? I
>  don't use one for @lilypond examples.
Because snippets come from LSR, and that needs a texidoc to
display some text for the snippet.

So it seems that there are only two possible solutions (I'm just daydreaming):

1) manage all the docs snippets in Git and say hello to LSR (see bottom of my email)

2) ask the LSR author to add the possibility to insert translated titles and descriptions (the website itself could benefit from this, since it may enable language negotiation). But managing the updates may be a problem..

I really don't see any way to rescue the snippet system.  It was a
gamble that hasn't paid off; it was supposed to be a standalone
system that would let normal unprivileged users contribute to the
docs with almost no oversight by anybody with git access.  With
all the developer effort that's gone into build and maintaing it,
we could have made it easier to do stuff in git and/or trained
more doc editors.

Since the gamble hasn't paid off (i.e. it didn't encourage *potential contributors*), why keeping this structure that is really annoying current translators (i.e. *real contributors*)?

Personally, I'm a bit worried about going on with translating NR when I know that keeping it up-to-date will be an hassle.

Let's manage all the doc snippets in Git and say hello to LSR import!
Which are the arguments against this change?

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