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Re: GSoC

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: GSoC
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 13:56:40 -0400

Hi Janek,

> Just take a look at these issues - they are the Lyrics project:

WOW! What an amazing list — especially if you can actually squash/improve all 
(or even most) of them!

>> I have several bounty-worthy Lyrics issues that I would be happy to see 
>> solved as part of this GSoC project, if possible.
> Please let me know about them, definitely!

I previously offered David K a bounty for spacing problems (e.g., 2462, 2456, 
2450), and we began discussions for hyphen issues (e.g., 2463, 2458) — those, 
and a few other lovely improvements I hadn't considered (e.g., 2454, 2453), are 
already in there.

The big lacuna in the project list appears to be LyricExtender problems. Have 
you looked at any of those "less-than-perfect" Lilypond behaviours? In 
particular, I would love to see the following: If the right-hand edge of the 
LyricText extends past the right-most edge of the note (or last note of the 
melisma) to which it's attached, then the LyricExtender disappears. Of course, 
a LyricExtender #'minimum-length property could be added to override/avoid this 

> Also, feel invited to comment the issues linked above.

I almost certainly will.  =)


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