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Re: Lilypond patchy and other Lilypond problems

From: Łukasz Czerwiński
Subject: Re: Lilypond patchy and other Lilypond problems
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 00:26:16 +0200

On 26 April 2012 20:41, Łukasz Czerwiński <address@hidden> wrote:

Mike, Graham and David wrote about more or less automatic running of tests and presenting only the results, possibly on an unused computer. 

I realised that I have a server on Dreamhost that probably could be such a computer - there is unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth (to some extend, I guess, but that will be enough for us). Now I'm trying to compile Lilypond on it - there are some libraries missing, I'm in progress of figuring out whether I can install it locally (it's a shared server, not a private one, so I don't have root on it). 

If yes and lilypond compiles, we could automatically pull git repo, run tests on it, pack the results and send an email with a link to them. There is Apache, PHP, MySQL there, so if you would like to do a website to present results directly on the server, it's possible :)

I will finish installing Lilypond on a Dreamhost server soon, but because it's a shared server, I have some problems with overusing its resources. I've contacted Technical support and there are willing to help, e.g. giving me bigger limits or sth, BUT I must know one thing:
How much CPU time and memory would regtests consume? How many times a day will they be run?


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