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Re: [PATCH] Change autobot comment from "LGTM" to "passes tests".

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Change autobot comment from "LGTM" to "passes tests".
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 16:12:37 +0200
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Graham Percival <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 03:25:56PM +0200, David Kastrup wrote:
>> Graham Percival <address@hidden> writes:
>> > What's your github username?
>> I don't think I have an account at github.
> You may wish to consider making one, given how many lilypond
> "sub-projects" are there:
> (gub, git-cl, lilypond-extra, lilypad; the other four are not
> related to lilypond)

Well, I can always submit patches.  I don't really fancy registering
with services that claim that they can change terms of use without
announcement, with any subsequent use signifying consent to the changed


I need really good reasons for handing out blank cheques.

David Kastrup

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