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Kicking off GSoC

From: address@hidden
Subject: Kicking off GSoC
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 07:58:15 +0200

Hey Janek!

Congrats again on getting accepted for GSoC.  Reading the mentoring guide, 
there are a lot of "getting to know you and the project" bits that we've 
already done, so we can more or less get right to work.  A few things:

1)  Could you send me the finalized version of your timeline?

2)  I'm assuming that midterm reports are due for me when they're due for you, 
but could you double check on that?  They take mentor reports seriously, and I 
want to make sure that I'm getting everything in on time.

3)  It'd be good to have one long meeting to kick off the project.  If you 
could factor that into your timeline, I can carve out the time needed for that. 
 Ideally, we'd go over each issue and identify a code-map so that you hit the 
ground running.


P.S. I'm starting off by ccing LilyDevel for all my GSoC communication in case 
others want to chime in.  If for whatever reason people on the list or you 
don't want this, I can just e-mail you directly w/o ccing the list.

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