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Re: Doc build hanging (with memory leak?)

From: James
Subject: Re: Doc build hanging (with memory leak?)
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 13:29:11 +0100


On 12 May 2012 12:56, Joseph Rushton Wakeling
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On 12/05/12 13:37, David Kastrup wrote:
>> You are running a command
>>     - echo texi2html not found
>> and that does not quite work.  It would appear that the error handling
>> for a missing texi2html script is totally awful.  I'd install texi2html
>> and rerun configure.
> Texi2html was already installed, but re-running configure revealed that
> dblatex was missing (for some reason aptitude build-dep lilypond didn't
> include that). Seems to be working now (can't be certain, it's still
> building:-).

Assuming you are building from current master then make doc does
compile as all new checkins go to staging tree first and sit there
while a script runs (as it happens on my computer) that compiles
staging through all the tests and if it passes them all (and that
includes a make doc) it merges the staging branch to master.

So you can pretty much safely assume that master is compilable, and
that any issues you have are probably down to the need to simple make
clean, re-rerun and configure then make and so on.

My only advice having built docs and gone through all the pain of a
non-programmer building doc is to use an out of tree build

(i.e. make a build dir in your lilypond repository, run ./
--noconfigure outside of the build dir, then cd into it and run
../configure; make ; make doc that way.

If you get any odditites you can simply rm your build and start again
without worrying too much about if you have made a mess of your tree
and make clean is not working.

This is all mentioned (if you are not already doing this) here:

and although this is for specifically using the Ubuntu based iso we
have available, the same principles apply.

I've found it makes this so much more easier especially when you have
a slower machine where make doc can take an age.


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