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Re: Doc: NR clarified \footnote command as a TextScript (issue 6137050)

From: dak
Subject: Re: Doc: NR clarified \footnote command as a TextScript (issue 6137050)
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 14:25:08 +0000
File Documentation/notation/input.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1050: is to be attached but in that
case, it must be preceded by a @code{<>};
Seems like I caused you unnecessary work by being unclear.  I am sorry
for that.  <> is a stopgap measure created by convert-ly since automatic
change to postevent position of the real event is not feasible.

\footnote should be documented as purely being a postevent, and the
examples should be changed accordingly from the state after automatic
conversion.  Any explanation of <> or s1*0 belongs in a different part
of the manual generally talking about how to deal with postevents you
have no anchor for.

The state after the automatic conversion is not really acceptible in
documentation: it only has the advantage of maintaining functionality.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1059: <>\footnote #'(0.5 . -2)
So this, for example, should be changed to
         a'4\footnote #'(0.5 . -2) #'NoteHead
         \markup { The first note }
         b8 e\footnote #'(0.5 , 1) #'NoteHead
             \markup { The third note }
and so on.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1068: % Chorded Notes
"Notes inside of a chord can be given individual footnotes." or
something like this should be mentioned.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1072: g\footnote #'(2 . 2) \markup {
\bold "This is a G" }
Visual correction here?
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1089: \footnote #'(-3 . 0)
Doesn't this give an error?  The footnotes are not in postevent
position.  I think they would need to move after a'4.  Similar for the
following notes.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1138: Like automatic footnotes, the
@code{\footnote} command can be placed
See above: I'd not mention <> at all.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1148: <>\footnote
Now I am baffled.  Reintroducing <> manually?  Or was this copy&paste
for some reason?
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1177: \footnote
See above.  I should be surprised if this works unless you move the
\footnote after a'4.

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