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Server at Paris VIII

From: address@hidden
Subject: Server at Paris VIII
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 12:08:58 +0200

Hey all,

Just got off the phone with John M about setting up a server at Paris VIII.  
He'll be going as the LilyPond rep on Wednesday to chat with the people there 
(Valentin's teaching piano and I'm in rehearsal all day, otherwise we'd all gets in the way of LilyPond yet again!).

John suggests that we set up a basic infrastructure that allows us to access 
the server via SSH and then do with it as we wish.  Note that I am using the 
words "SSH" to a lesser extent "server" without really knowing what they mean, 
but John does and he'll be able to communicate our needs to the technical team.

The people there will likely want to know what our intentions are, and I told 
John that the machine would be used to make nightly builds and to run patchy 
and patchetta.  He asked if we were thinking of using it for something like 
weblily and my tentative response was no.

Reply to this message if anyone has any questions/comments/concerns.  All y'all 
can send thank you notes to Anne Sedes, who is very graciously giving us a 
physical machine to make this thing happen!


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