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CG tweak: some extra info on make doc and doc build times. (issue 620607

From: joseph . wakeling
Subject: CG tweak: some extra info on make doc and doc build times. (issue 6206071)
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 22:26:16 +0000

Reviewers: ,

As per earlier discussion on devel list, this patch just adds a little
bit of extra info on the make process, noting the documentation build
commands and the possible length of build times.

Basically it's to stop other people getting worried as I did when a
single step of the doc build process seemed to have hung with no

CG tweak: some extra info on make doc and doc build times.

Please review this at

Affected files:
  M Documentation/included/compile.itexi

Index: Documentation/included/compile.itexi
diff --git a/Documentation/included/compile.itexi b/Documentation/included/compile.itexi index e95cf2629cd8122a1f7c0c909f3f8d731d5bef0e..4b87ce1fc7602edccb32592a6aa232d62ce08b74 100644
--- a/Documentation/included/compile.itexi
+++ b/Documentation/included/compile.itexi
@@ -456,6 +456,23 @@ targets, run:
 make help
 @end example

+For example, to build documentation, you can use
+make doc
address@hidden example
+or to build only the PDF documentation,
+make doc-stage-1
address@hidden example
+Documentation builds can take much longer than building LilyPond itself.
+Some individual commands issued during the make process may take as long
+as an hour to complete on older single-core machines, so don't panic if
+for a long time it looks like nothing is happening!  Be patient, and the
+build will complete.
 TODO: Describe what @command{make} actually does.

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