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contemporary accidental style

From: Orm Finnendahl
Subject: contemporary accidental style
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 13:09:49 +0200
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 for years I'm sorely missing an accidental style for contemporary
music, which I always use and which is quite common among contemporary
composers in my experience. At the moment it requires quite some extra
work in every score implementing the accidentals explicitely although
its behaviour can be defined precisely.

The style I'm looking for always prints accidentals on every note
except for naturals which are only written in cancellation cases at
the first occurence (also across octaves and across one barline).

I'm not sure how to go about it. Reading the source it seems feasible
to do although I don't understand all of the code (yet). If it's easy
for any of the developers to accompish I'd be very grateful for
that. Otherwise I'd be interested whether there is a way to do it
within a score file using some function or whether I should go ahead
and try to submit a patch for the sources (and whether you think it's
worthwile to integrate into lilypond).

My suggestion for the name of this style would be "contemporary" and
I'd be glad to submit the information for the docs.


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