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DevH response to [GOP2-0] Why are we losing developers?

From: Colin Hall
Subject: DevH response to [GOP2-0] Why are we losing developers?
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 11:02:12 +0100
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Here's my pseudo-anonymous answer :)

My motivation goes down when i feel insignificant:

- when i don't get reviews

- when a simple patch takes forever because every word is discussed
over and over again

- when i spend more time on maintenance (creating issues, searching
for messages on two trackers+email, closing issues, pushing to
staging) than actual work

- when someone else could in half an hour do what i'm struggling to do
since two days (but he simply doesn't have time)

- when i spend more time reading emails and discussing things than
actually doing something productive (this is pretty hard to solve: if
we stopped reading email to focus on work, how would we discuss our

Also, maintenance procrastination is a blow to my morale (this doesn't
necessarily mean that Graham's doing something bad - it's just the
fact that it doesn't get done).  Hopefully, this should change with

Finally, i think we lack a vision and common goal that would give us
motivation boost.  I find it quite surprising that Janek's articles in
LilyPond Report #25 and #26 gathered little comments from experienced

hope this will help,


Colin Hall

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