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Stable release.

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Stable release.
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 17:07:38 +0200
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Since 2.14 is no longer able to compile on current versions of GCC, we
are getting to the situation where current GNU/Linux distributions are
no longer able to release _any_ stable version of LilyPond with
corresponding source code unless they patch the source themselves (which
kinda defeats the purpose of using a stable upstream version) and/or
juggle with compiler flags.

It is a reasonably safe bet that we won't have a stable release 2.16 in
the next two months given our current release policies and policy change
policies and their past effects on release candidates.  So it is also a
reasonably safe bet that we'll miss the respective freeze windows of the
autumn GNU/Linux releases.

As a sort of emergency measure, I would consider it sensible if we did a
source-only release of 2.14.3 or, if you want to, 2.14.2a, the same as
2.14.2 plus cherry-picked compilation fixes.  Namely just what it takes
to get 2.14.2 through the current compilers.

No attempt would be made to get this through GUB, no attempt would be
made to create a binary release, no attempt to support any of our binary
installation targets would be made: we already have working 2.14
versions with "corresponding source" (actually even corresponding
crosscompilation environments) for those binary releases.

The problem are distributions recompiling from source by themselves.

Sounds reasonable?

David Kastrup

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