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Re: which-page (issue 6352049)

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: which-page (issue 6352049)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 11:32:53 +0200

2012/6/28  <address@hidden>:
> A feature should be documented, or it will not be discoverable.

Of course all features (old and new) should be documented.
But, AFAICT, non of the possibilities offered in /ly/
(i.e. first-page, last-page, not-first-page, part-last-page) is
documented anywhere in LM or NR.
The only place they are used in the docs is:
Well, they should be documented, but I propose to open a new issue to do so.

> If feasible, a regtest should be added in input/regression.  Whether
> this is possible for essentially multi-page features, I don't know, so
> it is possible that this particular feature does not really lend itself
> to a regtest.

I found only one multi-page-file in the regression-tests containing a
feature of (i.e. `not-first-page'):
But I think this file tests something else.
So I'd suggest to open a new issue for that, too.

> File ly/ (right):
> ly/ #(define ((which-page nmbr) layout props arg)
> "which-page" seems like a less than optimal name for the intended use
> patterns:
> \on-the-fly #(which-page 3) ...
> reads less natural than
> \on-the-fly #(on-page 3) ...
> or
> \on-the-fly #(at-page 3) ...


> ly/ (if (= (chain-assoc-get 'page:page-number props
> 0) nmbr)
> The functions below seem to prefer "-1" for something coming without
> page number.  Perhaps it would make sense to conform with that kind of
> usage.



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