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Re: Get texidoc translations out of snippets source files (issue 6352053

From: PhilEHolmes
Subject: Re: Get texidoc translations out of snippets source files (issue 6352053)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:56:03 +0000

LGTM with one proposed change.
File scripts/auxiliar/ (right):
scripts/auxiliar/ default="out/bin",
This all looks excellent and very fine work, with one minor nit-pick.
My default directory for convert-ly is build/out/bin, not out/bin.
Ditto the lilypond binary.  It's likely to be the usual default.  The
option code here uses the non-out-of-tree build directory (over-writing
a change I'd made earlier to search for the correct directory) and as a
result lilypond and convert-ly don't get run on my system, and my first
run gave a failed doc build owing to non-updated scheme code.  I think
it would be better if the default was the build/out directory, and if
convert-ly and lilypond aren't found, the script fails, with a message
about how to use the -p option.

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