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Re: Gets vertical skylines from grob stencils (issue 5626052)

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: Gets vertical skylines from grob stencils (issue 5626052)
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 15:17:17 +0200

On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 11:31 AM, address@hidden
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks Janek!  Very valuable stuff.


>> (sorry, too big for an attachment - 200 kB)
>> In short:
>> - staffswitch lines are broken
> This is because VoiceFollower is not set as (cross-staff . #t) in 
> define-grobs.scm.  I'm not sure why...this seems like a good idea 
> irrespective of how the skyline work pans out.

I find it even more surprising that Glissandos work perfectly.  Aren't
they related to VoiceFollowers?

>> - some ties change shape
> This will take me some time to figure out...I'm gonna have to look at all the 
> parameters going into tie scoring and see which ones are changing.  I'll 
> likely push something to staging the weekend or next week in the style of 
> Tie_formatting_problem::spew () that gives tons of specs and then run the 
> output through python to pick up on changes.  Of course, if any tie gurus 
> have intuition about this, lemme know!

No idea when i'll have time to finish Tie Report, but as tie shapes
are screwed in general, i wouldn't care much about this change.  New
shape isn't worse than previous one, i'd say.

>> - some skylines are really weird
> This is likely a directioning problem - all upwards pointing skylines seem to 
> come out just fine.  The culprit would most likely be in 
> the notion of "UP" must be hardcoded somewhere that it shouldn't be.
> If you have a moment to test out on different versions of 
> the patchset, I'd appreciate it!

Tenuto skyline seems to be wrong since the beginning - i've tested
patchsets 36, 34, 32 and 30, it looked similar everywhere.
Sharp and forte skylines seemed ok in patchset 36, see here:

>> - sometimes objects interlock too much.
> This was the case in the lyric example you sent.  I fixed it by adding light 
> skyline-horizontal-padding to lyrics.

Hmm.  I have another idea, which would be more difficult but also
extremely awesome, and it would be very handy for area spacing (see
make the skyline shape "magnetic".  See illustration here:

What do you think?


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