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Re: Is gcc able to handle anonymous functions?

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Is gcc able to handle anonymous functions?
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 07:56:52 +0200
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Hello Mike,

Am 05.07.2012 00:37, schrieb address@hidden:
I just realized that there's an easier way to do this w/ existing code 
conventions.  You can overload Pointer_group_interface::find_grob so that it 
accepts a simple closure as the third argument.  Then, wrap the Scheme function 
in a simple closure.
Great to hear that there is a way to get this done, but while my scheme-fu is getting better nearly every day ;-), my understanding of c++ internals is just emerging from zero.

Can you give me the needed code changes in Pointer_group_interface::find_grob?

Would the overload mechanism work in lily/ *and*
lily/ The latter file shows

      = Pointer_group_interface::find_grob (me, ly_symbol2scm ("elements"),
(align_sym == ly_symbol2scm ("staff-bar")
                                             ? Bar_line::non_empty_barline
: Break_alignment_interface::has_interface));

Thanks for your help!




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