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A series of gitdiff patches from offline development

From: ArnoldTheresius
Subject: A series of gitdiff patches from offline development
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 01:08:59 -0700 (PDT)

Well, I found it so ugly the Segno in the staff does not cooperate with the
\repeat volta command.

I installed on my WIN7 offline computer the lilydef VM, got a tarball from
GIT (HTML user interface), and tested my ideas to change it.

In contact with harm6 and Marc Hohl on this toppic, I had a look to the 'end
hook suppression on the volta brackets based on the barline type'. There I
worked to move the 'list of bar lines' from C++ source code to a staff
context property.

Next I had the idea to suppress the 'repeated triggers due to grace notes
during the same main moment' in the engravers for the repeat bar lines (by
\repeat command) and for the volta bracket.

The idea of Marc Hohl was, to make these topic separete pathes, so now I
have exported three git diff extractions to files.

Here a short description of my diffs:

1) patch_diff_e.txt:
New command \inStaffSegno to put the Segno bar in the Staff compatible with
the repeat command.
New options 'doubleRepeatSegnoType', 'startRepeatSegnoType',
'endRepeatSegnoType' and 'segnoType' added.
Short description of \inStaffSegno added to the Documentations (English and
Effectd files:
lily/, ly/,
scm/define-context-properties.scm, Documentation/de/notation/repeats.itely,
Documentation/notation/repeats.itely, Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely

2) patch_diff_f.txt:
Moved the end hook check of the VoltaBracket from to
The linebreaking check is still in
May offer in the future the use of a skyline boundary for the unit of
VoltaBracket + VoltaText.
Offers now to set via 'voltaAllowEndLineOnGlyphs' the bar line types where
the end hook will be kept.
Effected files:
lily/, lily/, ly/,

3) patch_diff_g.txt - based on changes made in 'e' and 'f':
Some duplicate repeat bars forced by the 'grace note echo' are eleminated.
Volta brackets are adjusted in the same way.
Effected files:
lily/, lily/

What shall I do next?
Post the three files (11 KB, 6 KB, 5 KB) here in the mailing list?
Or somewhere in ?

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