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Re: [Lilypond-auto] Patchy email

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [Lilypond-auto] Patchy email
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 22:13:33 +0200
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John Mandereau <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi David,
> Il giorno mar, 17/07/2012 alle 20.19 +0200, address@hidden
> ha scritto:
>> 18:02:01 (UTC) Begin LilyPond compile, previous commit at
>> 7d195ce54c3fd467a1434d5399930d6610327e69
>> 18:02:51 Merged staging, now at:
>> f22c889b1389cb7d761580762fe77973780f2f86
>> 18:02:52     Success:                ./ --noconfigure
>> 18:03:01     Success:                ../configure --disable-optimising
>> 18:03:15     Success:                nice make clean -j3 CPU_COUNT=3
>> 18:04:44     Success:                nice make -j3 CPU_COUNT=3
>> 18:09:10     Success:                nice make test -j3 CPU_COUNT=3
>> 18:19:48 *** FAILED BUILD ***
>>      nice make doc -j3 CPU_COUNT=3
>>      Previous good commit:   7d195ce54c3fd467a1434d5399930d6610327e69
>>      Current broken commit:  f22c889b1389cb7d761580762fe77973780f2f86
>> 18:19:48 *** FAILED STEP ***
>>      merge from staging
>>      Failed runner: nice make doc -j3 CPU_COUNT=3
>> See the log file log-staging-nice-make-doc--j3-CPU_COUNT=3.txt
> LilyPond processing of Documentation/snippets/out/ from this
> failed Patchy run is attached.
> It seems this failure is not related to translated texidocs, nor my last
> changes to makelsr and the build system.  A freshly built lilypond
> compiled succesfully Documentation/snippets/, so I just pushed
> the following change, let's see what next Patchy run will tell.  If you
> have a better fix, please take over.

Please _don't_ ever push a "fix" on top of a broken staging branch.  We
want to keep master compiling always.  If your fix works, it means that
Patchy will move both the broken commit as well as the fix to master.

I've cleared both for now and hope that no Patchy has already picked the
"fix" up.  I'll investigate what to do here.

It is not quite clear to me how the bug went through my tests, and why
Patchy does not complain (apparently make doc does not compile the "new"
snippets ?!?).

So we already have one fishy commit in master, but at least it is "make
doc" clean.

David Kastrup

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