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Re: Correct makelsr handling of local update (issue 6416045)

From: john . mandereau
Subject: Re: Correct makelsr handling of local update (issue 6416045)
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 19:33:15 +0000

I tested makelsr without arguments.  I kinda works, but I'd like the
snippet-list files to be updated when a tag is added or removed from a

I'm working on a patch for this.
File scripts/auxiliar/ (right):
scripts/auxiliar/ tags.sort()
Good. In case of a local update (i.e. if not len (args)), I'd get the
tag list from the snippets list files.
This is an improvement, but with this change, if you delete or move a
snippet in Documentation/snippets/new, the old snippet file will persist
in Documentation/snippets. I suggest to delete all files in
Documentation/snippets that contain ("generated from %s" % new_lys) in
case of a local update.

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