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Re: Issue 2584 (redo 1967): please make partcombine merge slurs (issue 6

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Issue 2584 (redo 1967): please make partcombine merge slurs (issue 6294047)
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 21:58:47 -0700
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I wasn't very clear with fragmented codereview comments below.

There is one new problem, with slurs silently dropped in
  \partcombine {c''2^( d'')} {c'2( d')}

The problem is avoided if get_property("direction") is replaced with get_pure_property(), 
but I don't like the idea of having even more code require understanding of "pure".  
Better might be to cache the first explicit direction on a slur-start-event this time-step.

Another solution is to do what version 2.14 did and ignore all but the first 
slur-start-event we see (but keep the new more intelligent filter for warnings).

On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 16:00:14 -0700, <address@hidden> wrote:
File lily/ (right):
lily/ ev->origin ()->warning (_ ("already have
You could simply finish here, with
     start_events_.erase (start_events_.begin () + i);
replacing everything through line 258.  Then you simply keep the
direction of first slur-event you saw.
lily/ // be decidedly strange for manual input.
When each of the parts being combined is a few pages long, I find I
write a few inconsistencies equivalent to

   \partcombine {c''2^( d'')} {c'2( d')}

The slurs are then silently dropped, for complicated reasons.
lily/ Direction slur_dir = to_dir
(slurs_[j]->get_property ("direction"));
This call might wait to see the layout under the slur, including effects
of line-breaks, before reporting back.  If you understand "pure" in
LilyPond, you can use get_pure_property()

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