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Problems with make test

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Problems with make test
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 11:22:25 +0100

OK - my instrument names/indent patch breaks make test. Took me a while to find out why, but it's, which crams a load of notes onto a single small page. I suspect that the indent set on the previous score is hanging over into this one, causing it to be unable to get it on one page. I'd like to check this.

So I open collated-files.html, to find that there are no images to eyeball. The HTML expects PNG files, but very few are created (in particular, the one I want...). .ps files are created, but if I double click these, all I get is an image saying 'Loading...'

Are we aware that make test doesn't create a usable document from which to view the output, or is it just an oddity of my system?

Phil Holmes

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