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Re: Change staff - collision with lyrics

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Change staff - collision with lyrics
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 05:25:28 +0000 (UTC)
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Phil Holmes <email <at>> writes:

> I'm setting a piece of Vaughan Williams which has the RH changing staff all 
> over the place and finding difficulty getting it to look anywhere near 
> usable.  This is not a tiny example, and the stems aren't orientated as in 
> the original, but have a look at the collision with the lyrics.  I couldn't 
> find a bug report that's relevant.

Beams connecting notes on different staves are positioned after staff-
spacing (so that they can knee, if there is enough space, and because
generally their slopes depend on staff-spacing).  That means, however,
that the staff-spacing step does not have any information about where
these beams are, so it can run staff or lyrics into them.

Issue 36 was the closest, and we handled it by putting "LilyPond needs
help with cross-staff beams"  in the documentation.

Issue 2851 is a bugfix that might help your case.

We might want an enhancement request, "consider cross-staff beams when
spacing staves/lyrics outside the range of staves crossed by that beam"

If you want a local workaround, giving extra space just when these beams
happen, you can put a spacer markup above the first (or some other) note
in that beam
 -\tweak #'transparent ##t ^\markup{\filled-box #'(0 . 1) #'(0 . 9) #0

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