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LilyPond developer meeting Waltrop 2013

From: David Kastrup
Subject: LilyPond developer meeting Waltrop 2013
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 22:11:27 +0200
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As announced in January, I'd like to offer a developer meeting in
Waltrop this year again.  Due to the limited meeting and accommodation
space (limit is about 20 participants) and the time frame, things like
introductory courses for LilyPond would not make much sense: the focus
will be on having discussions, getting serious work done, figuring out
where to go next, and so on.

I sincerely hope that the topic of releasing 2.18 will _not_ be relevant
any more and we can instead make some progress on the next steps.
Things that might warrant working on are

Guilev2 (seriously)
Markup redesign
Page breaker
MusicXML discussions
Discussions about EU project feasibility (I tried getting something
organized a few months ago, but it basically died from lack of immediate
recognizable interest from commercial entities).

Reports about the last meeting can be found at
<URL:>.  Information
about travel and place (please don't get confused by last year's dates!)
is still at <URL:>.

The date this time around will be August 2013, Friday 16th to Tuesday
20th, with the possibility to arrive Thursday 15th late in the day for
people who'd otherwise miss stuff early Friday.

The proposed date coincides with the "Dattelner Kanalfest"
<URL:> which is the big competition (next town)
of the "Waltroper Parkfest" we had running parallel to the conference
last year.  It still provides a reasonably close festival and
entertainment for potentially not-just-LilyPond interested attendants or
accompaniment, though with more focus on music and less on small arts
like jugglers and stuff.

But since it is next town, it will not suck dry external accommodation
in Waltrop like the Parkfest did last year.  So it should be easier for
people preferring to stay at some hotel or similar to find something not
too far away.  Camping on the ground and sleep-ins are of course
possible like last year and I expect most participants to make use of

As mentioned above, most travellers will aim for Dortmund (through bus
or train) though some international travellers will likely have
Düsseldorf as their first destination in Germany.

David Kastrup

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