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Re: Move New_dynamic_engraver over the unused Dynamic_engraver (issue 14

From: dak
Subject: Re: Move New_dynamic_engraver over the unused Dynamic_engraver (issue 14460043)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 23:38:58 +0000

On 2013/10/06 23:29:23, thomasmorley651 wrote:
On 2013/10/06 23:10:16, dak wrote:
> On 2013/10/06 23:00:25, thomasmorley651 wrote:
> > Or am I completely wrong and this patch has nothing to do with the
> > above?
> In this case, you are completely wrong.
Anyway, thanks for clarifying.

I have no idea how buggy the current code is, and it may well be that
the old engraver dealt better with this particular situation.  But I
would be surprised if its C++ code has not gathered bit rot by now after
being out of use for so long, and there was a reason for the new
engraver(s) so ditching them again presumably is not an alternative.

The patch just renames things (partly with the help of convert-ly) but
uses exactly the same code paths unless you used Dynamic_engraver in a
file of your own.

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