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Re: how close are we to having an "addAt" or "insertAt" feature?

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: how close are we to having an "addAt" or "insertAt" feature?
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 08:09:09 +0100
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Hi Kieren,

sorry, I missed to mention the zero-based counting. We will propably find more of those black spots ... you are the first one, with whom I talk about using it ;)
Well, fever is decending and I will have a cup of hot tea and some aspirin.
In my first versions, I used one-based counting for the fraction input, so 1/4 was the first moment in the measure. But I didn't like the inconsistency between input as a fraction, which is in fact just a shortcut for #(ly:make-moment ...). BTW, you can always use make-moment to address for example the second note of a triplet-group.

Now, if you want to insert a mid-measure break, you can add the \bar "" to the editionMod:
\editionMod flightname 2 1/4 engravername.Score.A { \bar "" \break }

If you want add the \bar "" /automatically/ in a polymetric piece, it gets a little bit complicated.
As a first step for such cases, you can add it manually to the staff contexts:
\editionMod edition-engraver-name 2 1/4 edition-name.Staff.A \bar ""
\editionMod edition-engraver-name 2 1/4 edition-name.Score.A \break
I have one polymetric piece, where I used it. It worked in the end, but it gets quite tricky, to get the right measure- and moment-counting for the Staff contexts and the global Score context.
To add the empty barline, if there isn't one already, would be very nice.  We should try to make it possible.

One note on the flightname/engravername: You activate multiple flightnames. One of them might be "annotation",
so you can add annotations and only activate them for a corrections

\editionMod annotation 2 0/4 edition-name.Voice.A -\markup { \with-color #red "what's that?" }

This will only show up, if you did
\addEdition annotation
before engravement.

Best, Jan-Peter

Am 01.03.14 03:54, schrieb Kieren MacMillan:
Hi Jan-Peter,

Answered my own question:

this doesn’t work for me:
\editionMod edition-engraver-name 2 1/4 edition-name.Score.A \break
It needs rather to be

    \editionMod edition-engraver-name 2 0/4 edition-name.Score.A \break


Onwards and upwards.

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