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Re: long-term goals (was: Lines and Ties and Slurs oh my!)

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: long-term goals (was: Lines and Ties and Slurs oh my!)
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 19:07:39 -0500

Hi Janek (et al.),

>>> I’ve know someone at Carnegie-Mellon University who is well-connected
>>> in the computer and music departments (he is both a composer and a 
>>> programmer).
>>> I approached him recently with the idea of getting involved with Lilypond.
>>> He said:
>>>> One possibility is that sometimes there are software engineering projects
>>>> looking for tasks, so I might be able to point a class project at Lilypond
>>>> in the future.
>>>> I'm curious if there's a short summary of the direction for large-scale 
>>>> work on Lilypond.
>>> Is there something we can forward to him, so that he can take it to his
>>> department and/or colleagues for consideration? If we could convince
>>> a major university to take on [some or all of the] programming —
>>> for single projects or the whole enchilada — I think it would be
>>> a big boost to the ‘Pond.
>> That would be extremely cool!
>> As for the list of long-term projects, i don't think we have any
>> (which is very bad for the project imo).  I would be happy to write
>> something down if there is at least one other developer interested in
>> reviewing and expanding it.
> No volunteers?  :-(
> Kieren, i'm not sure if it's not too late for this, but _maybe_ i'll
> manage to write something down anyway.

With all due respect for everyone’s time, I am bringing what is in my opinion 
an unprecedented opportunity to the Lilypond team — and I’ve got no response 
worthy of bringing back to my contact.

Can nobody give me an “official” answer for him?


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