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Re: "dodecaphonic-first" accidental style

From: Rutger Hofman
Subject: Re: "dodecaphonic-first" accidental style
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 15:45:47 +0100
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On 03/24/2014 01:50 PM, Gilberto Agostinho wrote:> Gilberto Agostinho wrote
The correct syntax is with the "s" [...]

I meant without.... without the "s", as in "repeat" and NOT "repeats"
Rutger Hofman-2 wrote
As a fix, I made a small addition to music-functions.scm to add a
dodecaphonic-first accidental style. Patch against 2.17.18-1 attached.
Using dodecaphonic-first and adding ! here and there works fine for me.

I already apologize for replying to an old post (almost 1 year old!), but I
am really interested in this dodecaphonic-first accidental style. The
problem is I do not know how to deal with this .patch file!

Right, so there is a new style dodecaphonic-no-repeat from 2.19.3 onwards. But it does something else than the style dodecaphonic-first that I wrote about, long ago. dodecaphonic-no-repeat suppresses accidentals for immediately repeated notes. dodecaphonic-first suppresses accidentals for any notes that already occurred earlier in the bar. My opinion is that there is still good use for dodecaphonic-first; the main reason is that wiping out undesired accidentals leaves visible traces because it consumes horizontal space, whereas adding occasional forced accidentals works fully as desired.

I would love it if the dodecaphonic-first style can be patched into lilypond; not only for the Greater Good, but also to relieve me from applying it to each and every lilypond release, and maintaining it across changes...

I renewed the patch for versions from 2.19.3 upwards. It is attached (pre-2.19.3 and 2.19.3 onwards; it used to be a reverse-patch, no longer now). It is extremely small. I also keep it in my github repo for lilypond additions, in the patches/ dir:

That repo currently also contains my converter from NIFF to lilypond (and the NIFF sdk, with 64-bit patch), and an upgraded version of Han-Wen's pmx2ly converter that I used to prepare an edition of Bach's BWV 146/1052a (on IMSLP).


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