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Lost debugging interpret_stencil_expression

From: Joao E. Pereira Jr
Subject: Lost debugging interpret_stencil_expression
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 11:08:38 -0300

Hello Frogs,

I have a situation here trying to figure out how a stencil _expression_ becomes the content of an svg output file. My gdb session goes through a interpret_stencil_expression loop and escaping it results in immediately successful program termination and file filling without clues of what links this loop to some functions in scm/stencil.scm and scm/output-svg.scm.

I couldn't manage to inspect interpret_stencil_expression arguments inside the loop and I am wondering if there is some stencil _expression_ documentation. I mean a specification of his format and how it should be managed.

At last but not least, I congratulate all contributors of this piece of software. A really nice work.


João E. Pereira Jr

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