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Re: Tuplet brackets should reliably not follow kneed beams. (issue 84730

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Tuplet brackets should reliably not follow kneed beams. (issue 84730043)
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2014 09:32:52 +0200
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Devon Schudy <address@hidden> writes:

> David Nalesnik wrote:
>> input/regression/
>> Don't you mean only the second tuplet number should be below the
>> noteheads and not between the stems?
> I didn't, but I should have. :) I was confused by its behavior with
> \override TupletBracket.bracket-visibility = ##t, where both brackets
> follow the beams and shouldn't.
>> Maybe I should just scrap the error altogether.
> Yes, because it doesn't indicate anything suspicious. Tuplet numbers
> don't need to go close to the beams; that's just one possible place to
> put them, and it's OK if they won't fit there.

When using the following test code with the latest patch (I think), it
would appear that TupletBracket directions are ignored with invisible
brackets.  Is this intentional?

\version "2.18.0"

\layout { ragged-right = ##f }

mus = <<
  \time 6/8
  \new Staff = "up" \relative f {
    \key f\major
    a''8-.-> r
    \times 4/5 { bes32( a f des \change Staff = "down"
                  a }
    des,8-.) \change Staff = "up" r8  c''32( d c d |
    c8-.->) r
    \times 4/6 { d32( c bes f \change Staff = "down"
                  c a }
    c,8-.) \change Staff = "up" r16 cis''16( a8-.)
  \new Staff = "down" \relative f {
    \key f\major
    des''8-.-> r8 s8 s8 r8 f32( a f a |
    f8-.->) r8 s8 s8 r8 r8 |


 (lambda (vis)
   (map (lambda (dir)
              #{ \new PianoStaff \with
                 { \accidentalStyle piano
                   \override TupletBracket.bracket-visibility = #vis
                   \override TupletBracket.direction = #dir
        (list UP DOWN)))
 (list #t #f))

David Kastrup

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