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Re: Guile 2.2 speed improvements

From: James
Subject: Re: Guile 2.2 speed improvements
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 13:12:23 +0100
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On 09/04/14 13:01, David Kastrup wrote:
Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:

David Kastrup writes:

GUILE2.2 from master takes eternities to compile, like more than half an
hour or so.  LilyPond does a lot of on-the-fly evaluation, and Guile2.0
is already a big step backwards in that department compared to Guile

If they don't get compilation and partly interpreter speed under control
again (and it does not look like a priority to them since they are more
interested in competing on the basis of compiled code speed), the main
usability focus will be _not_ as an extension language but rather as a
main programming language.
Have you raised this concern on guile-devel?
I have been banned from posting there.


Is there a thread?


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