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Re: [SPAM] Re: Serious feedback and improvement headroom

From: Joram Berger
Subject: Re: [SPAM] Re: Serious feedback and improvement headroom
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:04:54 +0200
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> Well, it's also in the market for dinosaur tools, namely text-based
> batch processing tools. 

If dinosaur means that they will die out as time passes, I don't agree.
Considering the recent emphasis on web-techniques, I feel like some
people actually start liking text-based approaches due to the design of
html, css, wikis, etc.
Markdown is one popular example where text input and ease of use meet.
Tools like the wiki-extension for LP are appreciated and used.

The equations text-based = old and gui = new are not accurate and we
should not spread that.

(I assume it was not meant like this, I just wanted to state that.)


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