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LSR updates

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: LSR updates
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 11:18:43 +0100

(I'm sending this to David and Pierre as well as the list. As I mentioned before, mail I initiate and send to the list seems to be silently ignored. Please copy my text in any reply.)

I've just run an LSR import and makelsr. I'm confused about the outcome of the makelsr run. It appears that convert-ly is not doing its job properly. For example, with
Documentation/snippets/ I see the following diffs:

-\version "2.17.30"
+\version "2.14.2"

- \once \omit Staff.TimeSignature
+ \once \override Staff.TimeSignature.stencil = ##f

So it appears to be ignoring updated syntax and setting the version back to 2.14. Or simply not updating the syntax at all. Anyone any thoughts why this might be?

Phil Holmes

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