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Re: Question about customizing emmentaler font

From: tisimst
Subject: Re: Question about customizing emmentaler font
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 09:02:51 -0700 (PDT)

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote
> ... It seems that you're spot-on with respect to the eight rest
> inner corner!  However, it seems to me that the added roundings in the
> G-clef are overdone?

Indeed, the amount of roundness is debatable. What's funny about this is
that I didn't actually create the rounds based on what I saw in any scan. I
simply thought about what's logically possible when metalworking by hand,
and, in the FontForge examples above (of the treble clef and the eighth
rest), I designed it to have an real (printed) radius of approximately 0.005
inches at 20pt size. This is pretty small in real life, especially if you
are doing things by hand, but possible for a skilled craftsman and engraver.

I'm sure you knew this already, but it can look overdone when some rounds
visually stand out more than others because of the angle of the two lines
that are being smoothing out. The more acute the angle, the more whitespace
gets filled in, so it can look imbalanced if the angle must be
non-perpendicular, but by increasing the round on the opposite, obtuse side
it can be made to look more consistent. This is why, I think, it is more
common to see, for example, the downward swoosh of the treble clef to pass
through the lower curl at more of a perpendicular angle so that these rounds
are more uniform at all the intersections, like in my example above. 

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote
> ...  We took quite some care to add roundings, apparently we
> missed some.  It is debatable whether the roundings on the G-clef should
> be added to the font, though.

I believe you did and I am NOT saying that Emmentaler is a bad font or that
it has to be changed. Please understand that I am not attacking your work. I
may be the only one who likes this, and that is really okay with me. Whether
or not this kind of thing /needs/ to be a feature of the Emmentaler font
wasn't the intent of my original line of questions, but I would certainly
vote for it, if it wasn't too challenging to implement in Metafont. Either
way, I'd like to create and use a font that has this feature. That's all. I
didn't intend to push to have this be a feature of the default font. It
would become part of my own "house style", if you will.

I have shown it to others musicians at my school and they seem to really
like it (they REALLY love the output of LilyPond compared to the usual
Finale and Sibelius, but that's getting off topic). Anyways, thank you for
your comments and thoughts. I appreciate all you guys do to make this a
superb piece of software! Any thoughts as to why some of the glyphs /don't
appear at all/, would be very much appreciated.


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